Joining Atlantica doesn’t just mean “finding a job”, but having a life experience.

 For your professional growth in a context of technological innovation, we provide the most  advanced tools, welcoming you in a stimulating and friendly environment

 Continuous training, certifications, cutting-edge projects, are the ingredients that make work in Atlantica unmissable.




1. Online application and active search

If you are interested in being part of our team, you can send your updated CV in the career section of the company portal, applying for one of the open positions, or by sending a spontaneous application.

4. Meeting with the Managers

Following the positive outcome of the technical interview, one or more meetings are scheduled with the line managers and with the HR manager in order to outline the candidate’s potential and path to integration into Atlantica Digital.

2. Contact

All candidates are contacted by telephone for an initial telephone screening in order to outline the professional profile of each one. Faced with a professionalism in line with one of the open searches, we proceed with the planning of the technical interview.

5. You are on the Short List!

At the end of the process, the candidate most in line with the profile sought is identified, who will be contacted for the employment proposal.

3. Technical and aptitude interview

The selection tools and methods vary according to the profiles sought. In general, the selection is carried out through aptitude tests, language tests (mainly English) and individual interviews with HR Recruiters and technical team leaders. The selection interviews are aimed at evaluating the professional and extra-curricular experiences, the degree of knowledge, the technical-specialist skills possessed and the professional motivation.



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Spontaneous Application


Sending us your CV allows us to have it available for 12 months and to do an always up-to-date screening by timely analyzing the candidates’ requirements in relation to each of our new needs.

Write an email attaching CV and cover letter to: