ATLANTICA MORE (Multipurpose Innovative Ultralight Ability Chair)

Atlantica has developed the project of an advanced and modular wheelchair, at low cost, producing a Prototype, called MORE. Initially intended for paraplegics, MORE actually has multiple applications, the majority of components can be 3D printed and the rest is COTS, i.e. easily available on the market, therefore at a low cost. The frame is modular, therefore it is possible to print other modules or components to vary/expand its use and functions anywhere in the world. The MORE prototype is made with the important collaboration and co-financing of NAVARM.

 The chassis responds to the most serious mobility deficit situations, maintaining simplicity of use and maintenance, it is equipped with rear suspension, width and two adjustable engine modules, capable of guaranteeing high performance according to needs. 

The “Fuoristrada” model was developed for wheelchairs, but also for transporting injured people on stretchers in a semi-autonomous way, with a maximum load of 100kg. MORE allows the attachment of rigid or semi-rigid stretchers with an on-board motorization capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 30km/h with extremely low noise and an autonomy of over 30km

 In addition to the off-road model, MORE can be integrated with other Modules, also easy to install, transforming the wheelchair into SNOW/SKI, SPORT (Tennis/Basket) and Handbike transport.

 The SCALE model was also developed and tested, which allows the use of the wheelchair in “tracked” mode to allow you to overcome even an obstacle represented by a long and steep flight of stairs.


With this Research and Innovation project, Atlantica intends to make its MORE project evolve from a simple prototype to a product suitable for full industrialization. The wheelchair will be available at low cost, with a control system (webapp) in Wi-Fi streaming, for monitoring user parameters (weight, posture, load distribution), customizing the product based on the specific needs of each user. Being a modular wheelchair, each user will be able to “design” their own module, adapting it to their needs, using the Atlantica online platform that uses Blockchain technology, users will be able to design and print that specific component, sharing the evolutions with everyone. Blockchain technology will make it possible to monitor the movements and conditions of movement of the user, to create a sort of map of the usual routes; the SW, the graphics of the WEB app., the battery and motor parameters can also be customized. The goal will be to have a modern, multifunctional and low-cost wheelchair.

Atlantica Digital, has acquired from the company Gyala S.r.l., the “Company Branch” operating in the civil field of Cyber ​​Security for the development of products and solutions with high technological content, called “Products and Solutions for the Civil Market”; the activities acquired include the “KORIS” project, already approved by the MISE, as part of the “Fund for sustainable growth”.


“VETERAN VIRTUAL TRAINING FOR AGING BLOCKCHAIN” is a research project intended to define a tool for the recovery of memory of Veterans affected by “PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and people affected by neurodegenerative pathologies; the project, funded by NAVARM, also intends to explore the areas of secure transfer of clinical data, adopting specific Blockchain solutions; thanks to the interaction of the vocal and visual systems of Cognitive Computing technologies, it will be possible to collect and organize audiovisual memory fragments and organize them to generate personalized memory paths, to be used as cognitive stimuli capable of recalling the memories of Veterans/Patients , with the effect of improving their well-being and relationships with formal (doctors and nurses) and informal (family) caregivers.

 The technological solution for the safe management of the treatment of patients’ clinical data and their most intimate memories will be developed; the result will be an application that can be used as a rehabilitation and support tool for veterans, but also for civilians who have been subjected to a traumatic event, with consequent suffering of a psychophysiological nature, or for all those who are subject to neurodegenerative diseases.

SMEM 2.0

As an evolution of its Smart Metering product, Atlantica with SMeM 2.0 intends to create a single remote reading and remote management system, dedicated to the residential and industrial market, diversified by type of service (Electricity, Gas, Water, Heat) and by Point -to-Point technology (PtP) and Point-Multi-Point (PmP).

The project includes several components dedicated to carrying out specific tasks; the platform will provide a set of graphic functions that will allow the user to monitor and manage their multi-service network by choosing between Gas, Electricity, Water and Heat.

It may be integrated with new services/features, based on customer and market needs; in the industrial field it will integrate the set of business logics for the management of utility services, also creating components for connection to devices that differ in type of meter (Gas, Water, Electricity, Heat) communication technologies (PLC, LPWA , NB- IoT, WMBUS) and protocol; SMeM 2.0 will be an advanced product compared to the solutions currently on the market, both in terms of SW architecture and in terms of Database, making it possible to manage measurements in a Big Data context, to collect data (readings, events, alarms ) , their storage, the configuration of the devices, the interaction with external systems.