Atlantica designs and builds enterprise-class infrastructures for high availability, disaster recovery and IT security.


The Cloud is transforming the concept of corporate IT infrastructure, which is moving from a model that perceives IT as a cost center, to one that sees the infrastructure as a business support service. Through internet technologies, IT resources (applications, platforms and software) are available in a scalable way, customers can manage them independently on a private network and pay them only based on use, allowing companies to make use of innovative technologies without having to equipping with dedicated IT infrastructures, with a consequent advantage in terms of cost and performance optimization; in short, cloud computing makes it possible to obtain strategic, economic and technological benefits.

In the field of cloud computing, the Atlantica team has developed leading experience in the implementation of projects for telecommunications companies of national importance. The management of the Data Centers has allowed Atlantica to acquire a deep direct knowledge of the correlated technologies, which were first implemented for internal use by the customers, through a program of virtualization and consolidation of the IT infrastructures, and then launched on the market in an “as a service”. In fact, Cloud Computing technologies allow data centers to manage a large amount of virtualized resources as if they were a single object, regardless of how they were implemented and where they reside. This allows the provision of a secure and flexible service that provides a set of computing, hardware, software and network infrastructures and resources, capable of hosting the end user’s applications and calculating the payment for the services provided based on actual consumption.


For many modern companies it is essential to provide IT services ensuring continuity. To do this it is necessary to build High Availability solutions, also called clusters, where all the hardware components (servers, hard disks, controllers) are redundant in order to guarantee the functioning of the applications that provide services even in the presence of failures. It is also necessary to provide an appropriate clustering software that manages failures by moving the services to functioning components. Atlantica Digital’s professional services are specialized in designing, installing and configuring High Availability solutions using the most reliable clustering products: Sun Cluster, Veritas Cluster Server, Oracle Clusterware, IBM PowerHA. 


The consolidation of multiple heterogeneous application servers into a single hardware platform (x86, IBM Power and Oracle SPARC) takes place through the virtualization of the operating systems and allows you to manage a single application or a single server by reducing the proliferation of physical servers. In this way, business activities can be fully supported by containing costs for hardware and electricity consumption for powering and cooling the servers. Consolidating multiple applications on a few network servers reduces the complexity of IT infrastructures, allowing the provision of quality services with fewer economic resources and increasing the level of reliability of the company.


Human errors, breakdowns, natural disasters can cause the loss of data and infrastructures, to manage these situations it is necessary to implement Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, High Availability or Backup solutions. In the case of Disaster Recovery, data replication solutions on remote sites are proposed. Replication can be either software (Veritas Volume Replicator) or hardware (Hitachi, Oracle Sun, IBM, EMC2). In the case of software replication, the copy can be performed on heterogeneous storage. In the case of hardware replication, it is possible to perform replication only on storage of the same brand that supports this function. In the case of Business Continuity, in addition to what is provided for Disaster Recovery, solutions based on geographic clusters (Oracle Sun and Symantec/Veritas) are proposed which, in the event of a disaster, allow services to be rapidly restarted on a secondary site.


In an environment where data grows exponentially, the architecture adopted for storage must also be flexible, efficient and reliable. The best solution to manage data in these terms consists in the definition of a Storage Area Network. Atlantica’s experts are able to build the most suitable solutions for customer needs with the design of medium and high complexity storage architectures, considering all the peculiar aspects relating to robustness, performance and reliability.


Virtualization makes it possible to reduce the complexity of IT systems and make the most of computational resources by increasing the company’s business agility and lowering energy consumption. Atlantica Sistemi offers solutions for the virtualization of Data Centers on the “x86” platform? (VMware, KVM, Citrix) and proprietary Oracle and IBM through the tools offered by vendors (domains, zones, logical domains), boasting important references related to virtualization projects in Rome and Milan. For storage virtualization, software solutions (Symantec Volume Manager, Oracle Solaris Volume Manager) and hardware solutions from the main vendors (Hitachi, Oracle, IBM) are provided.


Directory Servers are databases optimized for fast access to rarely changed data via relatively simple queries. Examples of data that can be advantageously centralized are the passwords of the authentication systems, directories, application configurations, operating system configurations (name services) and in any case all the data that must be shared between multiple clients (human operators or servers) with extremely fast. Our professional services are specialized in installing and configuring Directory Servers based on the LDAP protocol (OpenLDAP or Sun Java System Directory Server) which is a universally accepted standard and used by a growing number of applications.


HSM & TIME STAMPING – Through the use of the so-called HSM (Hardware Security Module) it is possible to guarantee the correct storage of the cryptographic keys, and consequently, of the sensitive data and information that have been protected with these keys; a typical example is represented by projects for the selective encryption of corporate databases. The implementation of digital signature solutions guarantees the authenticity and non-repudiation of electronic documents. The addition of Time Stamping architectures for timestamping also allows the time validity and certification of documents, also for legal purposes.