Proud to announce that ATLANTICA DIGITAL SPA will be joining #EEEIC held in Bari from 7th to 10 of september: The International Forum for the exchange of ideas and information on #energysystems both today and in the future.

The conference provides a unique opportunity for designers and industrial people in general to interact directly with #universityresearchers#manufacturers and #distributorsofenergyequipment and to discuss a wide variety of topics related to #energysystems and #environmental questions.

The conference offers prominent academics and industrial practitioners from all over the world the forum for discussion about the future of #electricalenergy and #environmentalissues and presents a base for identifying directions for continuation of research.

ATLANTICA DIGITAL SPA will chair a special session on the 7th of september addressing the theme of “Advanced ICT approaches to prevention and collateral mitigation of accidents at work or operational field”, presenting their projects:

1. IA approach to cognitive rehabilitation The study illustrates a virtual software assistant able to guide the subject in performing exercises for cognitive rehabilitation for people with #PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and #TBI (traumatic brain injury).

2. Domestic rehabilitation through #COT solution. Active rehabilitation is an exercise-based program designed to improve the level of function of people with motor disabilities. This study illustrates a rehabilitation software system properly designed to support both (i) the patients, by guiding them in the correct execution of an exercise; and (ii) the physiotherapists, by allowing them to remotely check the progress of a patient.

3. Multimodular wheelchair – MORE. This paper presents an innovative #wheelchair to improve disabled life through a suite of modular capabilities. The innovative wheelchair can enhance outdoor activities, physio and comfort by integrated #mechatronics#CCC, and a #blockchain controlled, #3D print self-repair capabilities.

4. Automotive for MORE. A disruptive factor of #personalmobility is the possibility provided by #electrictraction to build products without #barriers to entry and to manage mobility as an enabling factor. This paper illustrates the results of a project aimed at verifying how the structures of a vehicle can accept wheelchairs, how the #drivingsystems can be managed safely, and the role of aesthetics and design as a functional key to usage.