The MIM platform has been integrated with all the main business processes of the distribution companies, which can be synthetically grouped into three large families, with a Monitoring & Reporting Area that is transversal over all, as better detailed below.

  • Meter-to-Cash Area (M2C): this area groups all the processes that, starting from those of acquiring the readings from the field, up to the preparation of data for publication to commercial systems;
  • Order-to-Service Area (O2S): all processes which, starting from the availability of a device in the warehouse, lead to its installation in the field and consequent commissioning;
  • Case-to-Resolve Area (C2R): this area groups the processes that govern the activities on the field devices required by the higher systems or originated directly from the system;
  • Operational Monitoring & Reporting: all the tasks that calculate and publish the necessary reports to verify the operation of the solution to the operator and IT systems, are included in this thematic area.